"We are struggling with the dark side of God like Jacob at the Jabbok River. But, when the morning comes we are limping but blessed" - Jurgen Moltmann




Jason's writing focuses on his painful journey, after the unexpected death of his son, to desperately make sense of God and what it looks like to pick up the pieces of his shattered faith. His feeling of abandonment, anger and deep disappointment led him to question the existence of God and the validity of his faith. By choosing to question everything he had ever believed, he was able to begin to rebuild a more meaningful and authentic faith.    



Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Jason is passionate about sharing his story to help others and to communicate that even though it can seem scary and lonely; it's okay to live with and talk about our uncertainty, our doubts, our disappointment with God, and to start over completely with what it means to have faith and hope. He can design a talk specifically for your groups needs.  Areas of interest are Theology, Doubts and Questioning God, Finding Hope and Meaning, and Grief.