Update: Uganda Leadership and Skills Development Fund

In June, we asked for donations for The Uganda Leadership and Skills Development Fund on the 5th anniversary of Jacob's death. Through generous donations, we were able to raise nearly $14,000 in just a few days. Thank you so much for giving and helping these kids who will participate in this program. 

I know we can become skeptical when we give to causes doing work on the other side of the world because it's hard to see action or results with our own eyes. Rest assured, through Hopechest, the money you give is making a difference in real, tangible ways. Below, I've included a summary of the program and pictures from the first training.

Uganda Leadership and Skills Development Program

Summary provided by Hopechest Uganda Staff:

The funds will be used for “Young People Training,” which is one of the categories for the Uganda Leadership Development Program. This is a 2-year program. Part of the funds are going to pay for the 4 months of field placement. It will be for their accommodations, transportation, meals, and facilitators/mentors. The Uganda Leadership Development Program has up to 36 youth.

Description of training: 

·      2 year program with 3 phases

·      Participants have been selected (15-30 years old) and gone through training and lectures.

·      Targeting older CarePoint children that cannot get University education. 

Phase 1 has already been completed. The training already conducted provided a comprehensive understanding of leadership and entrepreneur skills, specifically in the community that they live. The topics that were highlighted were personal transformation, interpersonal development, foundations of achievement in leadership, community development and transformation, and global concerns, Work for a Living, and entrepreneurship. It focused on the realistic and practical means of developing their leadership with the sole aim of addressing attitude and mindset change. They used Biblical examples. It was a 30-day training lead by Joseph and Mr. Webby from the Uganda Christian University in Mokono. 

Uganda Leadership Skills and Development Program

Each youth will be assigned a mentor. Training will be held in 15-day blocks each month over 4 months for a total of 60 days. A stewardship report will be sent in December. After the field placement there will be another phase of face-to-face training.

Thanks to following people whose gifts made this program possible

Brian and Trece Meuth, Heath and Denise Woods, Jason and Jennifer Moseley, John and Gatha Jones, Scott and Gina Vaughan, Troy and Nicki Jones, Chester and Brandi Bullard, John and Kathleen Satterwhite, Lloyd D Nabors Demolition, Wade and Patti Walker, Bret and Debbie Royal, Gary and Mina Martin, Judy Seaberry, Cindy and Joe Hanover, Royce and Barbara Allen, Travis Edlund, Micah Koehn, Brad and Lauren Vickers, Kristen Howorko, Chris and Jennifer Hill. 

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