Jacob's Legacy

It's been incredible to see what has been accomplished over the last 5 years due to the generosity of so many people willing to give to Children's Hopechest in honor of Jacob. Even though we are bombarded with bad news on television, and currently our country is deeply divided politically and socially; our troubles pale in comparison to what most of the world endures on a daily basis. The sustainable projects funded, resources given, and love shown to the people of Uganda are part of Jacob's legacy. I can't begin to tell you how much it means to Brea and I that you have given so generously to this cause.

Children's Hopechest put together a progess report (below) on the projects that are being funded with money raised from the 2015 Superhero Ball. Thank you for supporting these kids and this community. If you'd like to do some end of year giving you can do that here. If you'd like to sponsor one of the kids in our program, you can do that by going here. Thanks for your consideration!

Thank You!

Since 2012, Jacob Jones’ legacy has been honored through the Superhero Ball, raising funds to support the Murole CarePoint in Uganda. Your participation in the 2015 Superhero Ball has helped to create and expand programs in the Murole community and to provide educational support for nearly 70 children who are enrolled in our program at Murole CarePoint. Your generosity is making a deep impact on the community of Murole, and we are excited to share the following updates.


Sustainability Projects

We are partnering with the children and community members in Murole in developing  skills and knowledge that help improve livelihoods. The major income-generating activities that have been in existence are Irish potato growing, carpentry, and timber lumbering. The proceeds from the 2015 Superhero Ball have primarily gone towards implementing new projects that promote self-reliance and socio-economic wellbeing within the community.

The projects launched include:

•            Goat Project

•            Poultry Project

•            Mushroom Project

•            Shoemaking Project


Goat Project


Over the last year and a half, we purchased 138 good-quality, indigenous goats that were given to nearly 70 households in Murole. These families were trained on goat rearing,feeding, and disease/illness prevention. The offspring of the goats will provide nutrition to the families and will be sold to generate income for the families. The animal waste will also provide rich manure to enhance crop productivity. Over a third of the goats have already produced offspring, and we are encouraged by the growth and progress of this project.

Poultry Project


With funds from the Superhero Ball, Murole CarePoint recently constructed a two-level poultry house, which can house up to 400 chickens on each level. For the initial phase, the poultry house was stocked with 300 chicks, which were raised successfully. The chickens were sold in the market and provided nutrition and income for families and for the CarePoint. The next phase is planned for 2017.


Mushroom Project

The community of Murole proposed the idea of a mushroom-growing project which is now up and running. This project is aimed at promoting household-level income and focuses  on growing oyster mushrooms, which are easy to manage and ready to market inside and outside of the community. So far, 30 beneficiaries (21 women and 9 men) have learned how to grow and harvest mushrooms, and we are in the process of screening and training more. Twenty of the trainees have already built their mushroom-growing houses and have begun cultivating and selling their crops.

Shoe Project

Originally, this project was intended to be candle-making, but HopeChest Uganda staff and the community, along with leadership in Murole, decided that shoemaking would have a much better return on investment. This project is equipping youths and caregivers with the skills and knowledge required to make craft shoes and to be able to train other community members in the future. In April, we trained 20 individuals (12 men and 8 women) who are now able to make shoes in various designs and sizes. The trainees meet twice a week to make shoes, and the shoes they are producing are selling quickly!

Building a Bright Future

Along with these income-generating projects, Superhero Ball funds have also supported education. This financial support helps equip Murole  youth with necessary skills and knowledge to contribute to their community. Following are two stories of the personal impact of  your generosity.

Jordan lives with his mother and young sister. He was unable to start school because his mother could not afford to pay the school expenses. Education funds through Murole CarePoint have provided Jordan with the means to attend school, and he is currently in Primary Four at Murole Preparatory School. Jorday says, “I will be a great person.” His mother expressed her gratitude, saying, “Who am I to have my child in a good school? I am no longer poor since my child is schooling.”

Eunice’s mother has been ill for a long time, so her older brother essentially has raised her. Because of support received through Murole CarePoint, Eunice is now able to attend school, and is healthy, active, and happy. She is able to pray and lead others in prayer and worship. Her brother says, “Never would we have thought of having my sister go to a good school and be a boarder. Who would pay for her? To us, it’s a miracle.”

Your gifts from the Superhero Ball are continuing to make a significant impact at Murole CarePoint and in the Murole community  as  a  whole. Remaining funds will be utilized for launching additional  projects, including a tailoring project and a potential fish farming project, as well as for funding educational needs as they arise. Because of you, there is greater hope and joy in Murole. We are so grateful. Thank you for playing such a vital role in this effort!